The Museum

You'll be hard pushed to find a better collection of ancient tools and implements than those housed in our Museum of Rural Life.

Our 18th Century granary building provides the perfect backdrop for the wide range of horticultural and agricultural tools, which give a flavour of life in times gone by.

Our friendly Museum Curator Gordon Dempster is often on hand to provide more information and anecdotes about some of the many fascinating things you'll find, including:-
  • A good collection of horse brasses, terrets, swingers, horse bells, shoes and bits - including the savage types banned in the early 20th Century.
  • Old veterinary implements and relics from household kitchens of old
  • A rare collection of brass stamps used in the workhouse at Purton
  •  Traps and alarm guns, plus a unique 19th Century clockwork crow scarer which fired blank, 12 bore cartridges
  • 70 different brass beer barrel bushes and unusual decorative skewers from the meat trade. 
  • Mediaeval pottery found on the Waterperry Estate.

Step back in time by visiting Waterperry's Museum of Rural Life.

Introduction to The Museum

Waterperry Bird Scarers

Videos by Mike Stephens
There are now even more videos by Mike Stephens to view on youtube about Gordon and the museum. Just follow this link:-