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On Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 November from 11.30am till 2.30pm on both days, a little taste of the North Pole will arrive right here in the Walled Garden at Waterperry Gardens! Join us for a very special visit from Santa’s reindeer! You’ll get the chance to learn all about these unique creatures and their natural habitats (normal low season garden entrance fee applies of £6.50 per adult, children 16 years and under free unless they wish to take part in the childrens trail, £3 per child with a prize).

We’re delighted to welcome Reindeer2Hire who are a family run business which was born out of a passion for sharing these beautiful animals with the public to enthral and to educate. Every one of the reindeer is truly loved and cared for to the highest standard. The reindeer spend their entire lives on their countryside farm spending nearly all year out in open countryside paddocks leading to a herd that is exceptionally happy, healthy and enjoy life to the full.

Please note, we’ve been advised by reindeer2hire that after consulting with the UK Reindeer Herd Association, it has become apparent that all reindeer companies in the UK are now enforcing zero contact with the reindeer at Christmas events this year.  This is to prevent the contamination and spread of coronavirus in the UK in the build up to Christmas.  It’s also to protect the reindeer and reindeer crews. A post and chain barrier approximately 3 ft in front of the pen will be in place to allow you to view the reindeer but not touch them.

There will be a sleigh you’ll be welcome to sit in and take photos, one of the reindeer crew members will ensure it’s sanitised between each sitting.  We will also be handing out lichen moss from Finland to the children, so that they can take it home and put it out for Rudolph on Christmas Eve!

Although pre-booking isn’t necessary it is advised if you wish to avoid queing during busy periods, tickets available on our website Reindeer Weekend Tickets

Find out more about them here: reindeer2hire


Sat, 20th November 2021
Sun, 21st November 2021

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