Mary Rose Garden

The Mary Rose Garden comprises two sections; the main area, enclosed by yew hedging, which contains modern, flowering cultivars, and, nearby, the lower garden, containing species, shrub, and old fashioned roses, located adjacent to the bottom of the Long Border. There, amongst the collection of wonderfully-scented plants that are at their best throughout June, are to be found some roses that flower only once a year. Notable varieties to look out for in this lower garden are ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ and ‘Madame E. Calvat’, both of which are repeat-flowering.

In the main garden you will find hybrid teas, floribundas, climbers and ground cover roses. The latter may vary in size, ‘Pheasant’ covering a large area, whilst the pink ‘Surrey’ is much smaller, and free-flowering. The roses are grown both by themselves and as companions to other plants like Irises, which provide early interest before the roses are in full bloom.
Mary Rose Garden at Waterperry Gardens