Waterperry House Handy-person

We are looking for a practically minded person to work for a day or two a week helping to care for the lovely Georgian building that is Waterperry House. Jobs would include painting, decorating, cleaning, changing light bulbs, moving furniture, clearing gutters and drains and helping to fix all the little things that go wrong in a big old house. Previous experience ideal. Ability to work alone essential. Willingness to work on ladders at moderate heights needed. Own transport needed. Working with the small house team helping to keep the house in good shape for the retreat events that go on there.

Please email with CV and expression of interest to

Horticultural Museum Volunteer

We have to face the fact that our beloved Gordon, 92 this year, is not going to be able to continue hosting the museum as he used to. So we really do need to find a way of replacing this ‘national treasure’ before he finally retires.

We have now managed to find cover for every day except Tuesdays thanks to a great bunch of volunteers and a new part time curator. So if you would like to volunteer then let us know. 11am-3pm. You get lunch in the tea-shop provided and other staff perks.

Please email with CV and expression of interest to

Event Market Stalls

If you are a local fine food producer or craft maker and would like to have a stall at one of our Christmas Markets or on Apple Weekend just ring the office or email us on
We are booked up now for 2023 but you can apply for 2024.