Riverside Walk

The river in front of you is the Thame, a tributary of the Thames. It’s a wonderful area to spot local wildlife. Fish, otters, swans, badgers and kingfishers have all been observed here over the years. The riverside walk is a haven in high summer, providing a cool and calm refuge from the sun and heat. In spring you’ll find here Snowdrops and Aconites (February), Daffodils, Primroses and Narcissi (March) followed by Fritillaries (April). During Beatrix Havergal’s time at Waterperry it took on a peaceful role as a playground for the students, making the most of their precious time off during the summer. They regularly messed about on the river in Piglet, a rowing boat with its own boathouse, sadly long gone, which was situated just beyond where you see the little stone bridge. Starting from the amphitheatre, look out also for the new riverside trail which links together connecting statements of ancient wisdom.

Riverside Walk at Waterperry Gardens