Get a head-start on next year’s bedding displays by taking cuttings from summer-flowering geraniums.

How to take geranium cuttings

Your requirements will be a mother geranium plant, a sharp knife, some seed compost and some means of keeping the compost warm once the cuttings are inserted.

  1. Cut the mother geranium plant just above a leaf joint on the main stem and then trim the cutting you’ve taken to just below the joint.
  2. Strip off most of the leaves from the geranium cutting.
  3. Don’t take a great long cutting. The healthiest part of a geranium plant is nearest the growing tip, so short cuttings are best, and once rooted they will soon catch up with long ones.
  4. The cuttings need to be inserted into warm, damp sterilised compost. Do not let them dry out and keep them in a light, dry atmosphere. Never put the lid down on a propagator if you are rooting any of the pelargonium family – they are very prone to rotting in high humidity.
  5. Wait and few weeks and your geranium cuttings should have rooted!